Component-Based Software Engineering

In 2017, CBSE was merged into the International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA).

19th CBSE 2016: Venice, Italy

18th CBSE 2015: Montreal, QC, Canada

17th CBSE 2014: Marcq-en-Baroeul/Lille, France

16th CBSE 2013: Vancouver, BC, Canada

15th CBSE 2012: Bertinoro, Italy

14th CBSE 2011: Boulder, CO, USA

13th CBSE 2010: Prague, Czech Republic

12th CBSE 2009: East Stroudsburg, PA, USA

11th CBSE 2008: Karlsruhe, Germany

10th CBSE 2007: Medford, MA, USA

9th CBSE 2006: Västerås, Sweden

8th CBSE 2005: St. Louis, MO, USA

7th CBSE 2004: Edinburgh, UK

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