INCoS 2013: Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China

INCoS 2013—Fifth IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems

Session 1: Cloud Computing: Service, Storage, and Virtualization

Session 2: Encryption Techniques I

Session 3: Machine Learning and Optimization Techniques

Session 4: Encryption Techniques II

Session 5: Clustering Techniques

Session 6: Security Techniques for Grid, Cloud, and Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Session 7: Intelligent Computing, Data Integrity, and Privacy Techniques

Session 8: Intelligent Computing and Networking

Session 9: Security and Authentication Techniques

Session 10: Intelligent Networking, Architectures, and Visualization

Session 11: Intelligent Collaborative Systems for Work and Learning

Session 12: Online Collaborative Systems and Virtual Campuses

Session 13: Security and Identity Schemes

Session 14: Encryption and Authentication Algorithms and Protocols

Session 15: Next-Generation Network Protocols and Components

Session 16: Privacy and Signatures

Session 17: Intelligent Techniques

Session 18: Signature Models and Schemes

Session 19: Software Engineering, Ontologies, and Semantics

Session 20: Digital Signatures

Session 21: Mobile and Sensor Networks

Session 22: Security and Cryptography

Session 23: Security Resilience and Signatures

Session 24: Trust and Sharing

Session 25: Encryption, Information Storage, and Retrieval

Session 26: Signature Models and Schemes

FINCoS 2013—Second International Workshop on Frontiers in Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems

Session 1: Security, Encryption, and Authentication Services

Session 2: Intelligent Data Processing, Optimization, and Analysis

CNT 2013—International Workshop on Communications and Network Theory

Session 1: Communication Theory and Tools

Session 2: Cipher Theory and Analysis

ESN 2013—First International Workshop on Evolution of Social Networks

Session 1: Networks

Session 2: Theoretical Background

IPA 2013—International Workshop on Image Processing and Applications

Session 1: Image Processing and Applications

Session 2: Security Processing and Machine Learning Applications

Session 3: Intelligent Processing and Applications