Logical Frameworks and Meta-languages: Theory and Practice


13th LFMTP@FSCD 2018: Oxford, UK

12th LFMTP 2017: Oxford, UK

11th LFMTP 2016: Porto, Portugal

10th LFMTP 2015: Berlin, Germany

9th LFMTP 2014: Vienna, Austria

8th LFMTP 2013: Boston, MA, USA

7th LFMTP 2012: Copenhagen, Denmark

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6th LFMTP 2011

5th LFMTP 2010

4th LFMTP 2009: Montreal, Canada

3rd LFMTP 2008: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

took place as part of LICS-23

2nd LFMTP 2007: Bremen, Germany

took place as part of CADE-21

1st LFMTP 2006: Seattle, WA, USA

took place as part of FLOC'06

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